Friday, January 28, 2011

Please, don't read (the book, not the blog)

So, I once read this book that I believe haunts me. It's called, "Love and Respect" and it's very popular among young Christian couples. But, I hate it. I think it is the worst read. The whole premise for the book is that women need love and men need respect and this is what it takes to make a healthy relationship.

I agree with the book's premise, at a very basic level. What I don't like is that this author has left me thinking that if my husband is not acting in a loving way, then I was disrespectful somehow to him. It has left me feeling guilty many times and striving to figure out how to fix problems that I cannot trace and when he is asked, he cannot either.

So, in conclusion, if anyone is thinking about getting a healthy marriage guidebook. I do not recommend this one...unless you like guilt trips, which I experienced this morning, 3 years after reading the book. This book was not the most helpful book for us. I would recommend a different book, except I only read Harry Potter, Dan Brown books, art journals and popular magazines and even that is a stretch of a statement, and really not marriage guidebook material. I guess this is not much of a conclusion. But then again, this isn't a very relevant post either. Thanks for reading my mumbo-jumbo.

I would be interested to know though...has anyone ever read a book that haunted them?

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