Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm going a bit crazy

So, I just got an e-mail from the FAFSA office and there is a problem with my FAFSA application. I am sure that it has something to do with the translating my tax information. It was all a bit confusing when I was filling out the paperwork. Anyway, I missed the deadline to begin classes in January and so I am hoping to get started in the April session. I am worried though. If I don't get student aid, I can't attend school.

I'm so ready to be a student again. I am ready to make some things happen for myself. I'm already starting to feel a bit stuck in Beijing. Matt and I would never leave Beijing without having something lined up. Our life is comfortable, which is satisfying at times and unsatisfying other times.

I created an art piece about a month ago and I know it is good. This piece in fact has had me revved up for a while. I believe that it is show-worthy. I talked to the school today about purchasing some of their paper. I love this paper. It's not great paper for what we do with the children, but it's great for me. Anyway, I'm going to start doing some more art. I mean, if nothing else, I can just beef my resume by sending some work out for shows...I guess.

I like that idea. I do. I just really want to go back to school. I am one of those people that always needs a project, or my restless spirit takes over. I've been in shows before, not that you can really be in too many or anything, I want to do something new, I guess. Well, that is what has been haunting's time to make something happen for myself. More than just an application and an acceptance letter, I've got to get started or I'm going to go crazy.

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