Saturday, May 28, 2011

work ethic

It's interesting to me how much atmosphere, mood, climate, etc... can effect you work ethic. All year I've been battling why in the world I don't feel as productive as I did last school year? I was talking with Matt about why I thought it was and he politely pointed out that I am so wrong. He knows me sssoooooo well; it's scary. Anyway, th e real reason that I have a hard time working is because my desk is in a cubical with all the other teachers in the basement. It's the hub of commotion. I've always had a hard time working when other people are talking, and I work with some pretty noisy people. Also, my office is 2 flights down and by the time I walk from my classroom to my office, I've lost my purpose and it's adjoining drive. Lastly, the basement is depressing. It has no natural light and it's all grey. My desk used to be in the library which connected to my classroom and I never lost purpose walking 15 feet. I used to get so much more done. I miss those days. My new mission is to figure out how to combat this. Any suggestions???


  1. can you put a desk in your room?

  2. I wish! There isn't enough room, but also, although it has never been said, it isn't permitted to have a teacher's desk in the classroom.