Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm growing up.

I would say, that up until recently, I was actually immature enough to believe that I knew the best ways someone should parent. I knew that my classroom was a working classroom and that if parents just implemented this philosophy that I had in their homes, their children would be better off. That's ridiculous! Homes are nothing like classrooms and further more, I have never been a parent, so who am I to judge?

Tonight, Matt and I went to a student's house. And, I know that I have grown up a bit, because I was way more accepting of the fact, that everyone does things differently. Who's to say, what's right and wrong when it comes to raising children and with the mix of cultures here there sure is a lot being said. Although, there were things happening in this house that I would have been uncomfortable with in my classroom, I was able to see that this is not my classroom and that this works beautifully in their family. The best part is, that on top of making these realizations, I was able to enjoy seeing the difference. Growing up can be beautiful!

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